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Based on paper: Monobrick, a uniform approach to torsion-free classes and wide subcategories

ICE-closed subcategories and wide tau-tilting modules Permalink

Based on paper: ICE-closed subcategories and wide τ-tilting modules Abstract I’ll introduce ICE-closed subcategories of an abelian length category, subcategories closed under taking Images, Cokernels and Extensions. Both torsion classes and wide subcategories of an abelian category are ICE-closed. We will see that ICE-closed subcategories are precisely torsion classes in some wide subcategories. For a finite-dimensional algebra, I’ll introduce the notion of wide τ-tilting modules, and extend Adachi-Iyama-Reiten’s bijection between support τ-tilting modules and torsion classes to a bijection between wide τ-tilting modules and ICE-closed subcategories. If time permits, I’ll talk about some results on ICE-closed subcategories over hereditary algebras and Nakayama algebras. This talk is based on a joint work with Arashi Sakai (Nagoya University). Links Slide (without handwriting), Slide (with handwriting), Talk Video (recording)

Lean-for-math workshop 数学系のためのLean勉強会

数学系のための、証明支援系Leanに関する初歩からの勉強会を、オーガナイザーの一人として開催しました。 Leanの基礎についてや、群論についての教材準備等を行いました。 詳しくは下サイトにて。